The Dutch Tournament



This is one of our oldest and biggest events of the season where our friends Victoria boys one year come to us and the next we go to them. This tournament has a rich and fun history it has been running for a long time with many friendships made!.

5597_514057681982132_1831044376_n“I have been a part of this tournament since I was old enough to play in it and I will continue to run it for as long as the league runs as this tournament is dear to my heart and to most people that have been a part of the league for a long time! I have made many friends but one particular Martijn Jongbloed I believe we will be friends for life !! ” James Balaam – Dutch chair

Please help and sign up to host in the canteen or see James Balaam (Dutch coordinator ) or Ian Balaam (Chairman)

For us as a league it gives a chance to see old friends as well as make some new ones.